Just do it: how the body can overcome the mind

I know, I’m using a claim that has been around for years… I suppose that Nike’s marketing and communication department understood it years ago and has been telling us since, but words often disclose their potential all at once, when you are ready to make them yours. And today was my turn.

Lately I started training with more regularity and I feel great. But in the last few days my mind is playing tricks telling me to skip the training or once I’m there to skip one exercise, etc.

And it is so hard to overcome it because I tend to give so much power to my mind.

Today I went to train under the rain, I was miserable and I complained in my mind over and over again while getting ready to begin. And then, you start moving and everything changes.

You breath, you stay in the moment and focalise on what you are doing in each instant and everything becomes clear, you become powerful and calm and joyful and proud.

So coming back I wanted to express it and it hit me: JUST DO IT!

Often, when the mental chatter gets in the way, starting to move is the best way to move torward our goals. I just hope it gets easier along the way!

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