Tour of Sicily: discovering the island by motorcycle

My Watercolor Tour in the heart of the Mediterranean

Viaggio Sicilia Motocicletta

With my motorbike and my watercolors, I’m preparing to take a Tour of Sicily, visiting its cities, villages and hidden corners. This new part of the Italia Grand Sketching Tour aims to be a journey to discover this island that rises in the heart of the Mediterranean to see it through my artist eyes.

It is in fact an exploration that starts first of all from the heart and from creativity.

It will be a tour to discover the beauties of this island and narrate them through my watercolor paintings and my stories. This journey will be collected in an exclusive guide by Margana Edizioni, my sicilian Publishing House.

Why the Grand Tour?

The Grand Tour was the way for artists to expand their horizons, their knowledge and to increase the impact of their art. An outward journey to go deep within themselves.

My Italia Grand Sketching Tour started in 2019 from this concept. It was a journey to discover the Italian architectural and cultural heritage and to represent it in watercolor. But also a journey to find my voice as a painter.

As an artist I believe that beauty is everywhere and that art can show us how to see it. As a traveler I love to immerse myself in the culture, understand the past as a way to evolve. As a painter and writer I love to share my discoveries, ignite people’s curiosity and give them access to emotions and memories.

Sicily as the next stretch of my watercolor tour


After two years of stop, now the time has come to start again with the Tour of Sicily. My journey will explore the whole island.

The basic reason for this choice is that my motorcycle got stuck on the island.

But truth is that Sicily has entered my heart. It is a wonderful land, full of beauty, culture and contradictions.

An island to be explored because it can always surprise you.

The perfect place for a curious person like me.

Are you curious?
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I will share the places and the drawings made during my trip. It will be a way to travel and discover Sicily while staying at home.

Where will I go in my Tour of Sicily?

In 2019 I managed to explore only the western part of the island from Palermo to Agrigento (you can read the story in my books in italian HERE).

But Sicily is very large and rich in architecture and natural landscapes. I will be travelling for about a month and a half and I hope I will make it. My goal is to collect stories and testimonies and to paint those places that leave a mark in the heart of those who visit them.

I’ll leave from Alcamo where I have my motorcycle. After I will visit the northern coast up to Messina, going also to the Aeolian Islands. One of the places I can’t wait to visit is the Madonie, the mountainous area in the heart of Sicily.


Later my tour will go to all the Sicilian provinces: Catania, Siracusa, Ragusa, Caltanissetta, Enna, Agrigento. The Tour of Sicily will be concluded in Trapani and Palermo and from there I will go back to Trieste.

This time the tour will be planned in order to see everything and to be able to organize some watercolor demo on the island and some meetings with local friends. But all together I also want to follow my instinct and the suggestions of the people that I will meet in my trip.

For this reason, if you too are a fan of Sicily and want to give me any suggestion write me to or send me a Whatsapp message directly in the button on the right of the page. And if you live in Sicily and you want us to have a coffee together, write to me too.

The watercolor materials for the Tour of Sicily

Vincere lo stress

As an artist I am always experimenting with materials. For the Tour of Sicily I will collaborate with Winsor & Newton, the historic English brand of art products.

I will be using their materials throughout the tour, expanding my knowledge of their amazing watercolor paints, paper and brushes. And it will also be a pleasure to share my experience with you.

Artist Watercolor Postcards from Sicily:

 Live the emotion of the travel and support the project

Viaggio in Sicilia Cartoline

Now I just have to start packing and leave.

But first, I’ll tell you about an exclusive opportunity that I created for Sicily lovers and that will only be available during the tour.

During the trip I will transform some of the paintings into exclusive artist postcards. I will send them to those who decide to collect these three small prints and at the same time support my Tour project.

Are you interested?

Travel and sustainability

Personally I always try to be attentive to sustainability issues. I don’t think I’m a person who consumes a lot but I know that travel is an important item in the environmental balance.

Anyhow my identity is closely linked to travelling, after all I define myself as an Artist and Traveller. This is why I often feel conflicted. On one side my responsibility toward the environment and on the other my desire and need to explore new places. This is why I thought of offsetting the Tour of Sicily and its emissions by planting trees.

Olivami viaggio in Sicilia

I discovered the Olivami Association which replants the olive trees in Salento. The goal is to recreate the heritage lost due to Xylella. I decided to track my emissions throughout the tour and adopt some olive trees at the end of the tour.

I wanted to do something related to Sicily but I couldn’t find any suitable project. But if during the tour I will discover any sustainability projects in Sicily you will be the first to know.

Travel in Sicily with me!

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