Italia Grand Sketching Tour

Exploring the beauty of Italy, one painting at a time.

The book is out!

The Italia Grand Sketching Tour is my ongoing project in which I explore the beauty of my native Italy by motorcycle. I stop at unique heritage sites and paint on location, while collecting interesting stories from the places that I visit.

In 2019 I travelled for 4 months riding across the peninsula and searching for its hidden treasures. I followed my intuition and stopped in small towns that inspired me to paint their rich architectural heritage with watercolor and ink. I had an opportunity to meet incredible people and truly connect with their stories, understanding how we are all similar in our differences. It was also an inward journey during which I discovered my long neglected inner artist.

In 2021 this tour became a book that is available in online stores all over the world. In this book, curious anecdotes of the places I visited are intertwined with stories of my travel adventures and personal insights. All the illustrations were painted with watercolor and ink during this 21st Century Grand Tour.

About the project

Chiara Go Arts Moto

Traveling in Italy is an amazing opportunity because it has so much to offer in terms of places, people, cultures, food, architecture and so much more. Every day I am amazed by all the beauty that surrounds me.

During the first part of my trip I met a lot of people and collected their stories and suggestions regarding the places I should visit. My trip was guided by instinct and freedom of taking the time to discover and explore.

And since Italy is so full of wonderful places, the Italia Grand Sketching Tour is not over yet. It is just on pause and I hope to get back on the road as soon as it is possible again.

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About my art: watercolor and ink paintings

I believe life is made of what we see and how we see it. Drawing and sketching on location has taught me to see beauty around me and to look at things with different eyes. By sketching and painting the places and things that inspire me I share my experience of beauty and discovery with you.

I paint in watercolors and ink, a mix of mediums that allow me to capture the moment with their accessibility and immediacy.

I love watercolor for its freshness. It is a medium that you can control but not completely. It taught me to go with the flow, follow my instincts and accept the result. Watercolors shows me a way to live that brings more joy into my days.

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