Letting go of expectations

Today I was at Yoga practice, my last day before departure and in my mind I wanted to do my best lesson, stretch and go deep and overcome my previous achievements.

And then my leg stopped me, my ligament started hurting and I had to let go of the expectations that I had built in my mind and accept that today something else was happening to me.

I realized that this is such a powerful thing to remember.

I live on expectations and on overreaching and this creates a stress that sometimes bring negativity on everything. I tend not to recognize my achievement because something better could have been done. Or I push myself over the limits.

Now that I’m ready to start my motorcycle adventure I realized that if I wanna be safe this is something I have to avoid. I need to learn to listen to myself and to respect my limitation, realizing that limits can be overcome at their own pace. And today practice brought to my consciousness this realization. And I’m so glad of it because I need to remind myself that my trip is a long term project and I need to sustain myself as my only real resource.

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