What happens when shit happens

Yes, look it nearer… sometimes shit happens.

It did happen to me today and after stopping, cleaning and realizing the important of tissues, I thought about it and its parallel with life.

Life is like driving and sometimes shit happens. It gets you by surprise most of the time. The first temptation is to take is right off. But actually what you do is keep the concentration on driving and wait for the proper occasion to stop the moto and clean the problem off properly.

How often things happen and we react while we should just wait a bit and find the proper solution instead of smearing the shit all over?

Well, I don’t know I thought it was funny how consciousness sometimes hits you in the most unexpected way.

By the way not the glasses are clean and I arrived to destination Mostar! Yuppie

Have a nice day!

Ps: truth is it is useful to wear glasses, but I don’t know how this apply to life 😜

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