Monza in Acquarello: the International Watercolor Festival

Monza in acquarello International Festival

The “Italia Grand Sketching Tour” presented during the international watercolor festival

I am back from Monza in Acquarello and still feeling the excitement of presenting my book in the biggest International Watercolor Festival in Italy. The Festival took place from the 28th to the 30th of May. It was three days of great art and the opportunity to meet amazing artists and to see them work live. Also I had the opportunity to organize to a Urban Sketching Marathon to bridge the gap between pure watercolor and sketching.

Let’s go in order, I will shortly tell you the amazing things that I experienced during this Festival organized with the full support of the City of Monza.

Monza in Acquarello

Monza in Acquarello great masters exhibitions

During the Festival there are few exhibitions organized in different venues that last for few months. The two main ones are at Arengario and at the Musei Civici and they include hundred pieces from international masters that show all the magic that watercolor offers and expands the limit of such a art mean.

In the Villa Mirabello there is a great exhibition about botanical watercolor art and illustration artists, all presented in this great venue that you can reach through a great walk in the park.

If you are a watercolor enthusiast you will just love the exhibitions! And in the meanwhile enjoy some pictures.

Monza in Acquarello Arengario
MOnza in Acquarello mostra in Arengario

The watercolor demos at Monza in Acquarello

During the festival of Monza in Acquarello there are hundreds of demos organized. Artists show their painting process and they take questions to explain in detail their techniques.

I had the opportunity to see a few, since the number of seats were limited, and they were all incredible. So many styles and techniques to learn from. So much to bring back to the table to apply to my own style.

I will share with you some pictures of the demos that I followed (scroll right in the slide show). Find much more on the Facebook page of Monza in Acquarello and on their YouTube channel.

Italia Grand Sketching Tour in Monza

“Italia Grand Sketching Tour” Book presentation

On Saturday the 29th of May I also did my first presentation of the book and it was quite exciting. There were only few people but the location was incredible, in Sala Maddalena, and we had an incredible chat about art, intuition and creation. 

I hope it will be the first of many because I really love the way talking about art can bring to such interesting conversations.

Italia Grand Sketching Tour Book Presentation
Italia Grand Sketching Tour in Monza
Italia Grand Sketching Tour in Monza
Italia Grand Sketching Tour in Monza
Italia Grand Sketching Tour

Monza Urban Sketching Marathon

Last but not least I also had the opportunity to organize a Urban Sketching Marathon that included over 40 people from all over Italy on Saturday .

The participants received an amazing present to make the marathon even more special. We received a Cotman Watercolour Pocket set by Winsor & Newton, a new line that has sets of different colors dedicated to landscape, flowers, skies and portrait. And Sennelier gave us a 100% Cotton watercolor Urban Sketching Book. I used both during the marathon and the quality was really incredible.

And I am happy to share some pictures from the marathon itself. I also had a lot of fun therefore I am pretty sure I will organize soon some similar events, so don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter to be sure to receive all updates.

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Chiara Go Arts Sketchbook
Chiara Go Arts Sketchbook making
Urban Sketching Monza on the street 3
Urban Sketching Monza on the street 2
Urban Sketching Monza on the street
Urban Sketching Monza on the street 4
Urban Sketching Monza Marathon Group
Sketches by the group in Monza
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