Fair Day in San Doná di Piave in Veneto

San Doná di Piave Fair Day

Back on the road again!

Fair Day in San Doná di Piave today during the #Italiagrandsketchingtour

I’m back on the road after a week stop in Trieste. While deciding where to go next, while on my way to Bologna, I decided to make a stop in San Donà Di Piave, because I have never been here.

I had no idea what to expect, and that is what I love from this experience, surrendering to what happens and follow the intuition.

Today in San Donà di Piave is Fair Day, there are people everywhere buying from stands and stalls that occupy the whole city center. It is overly crowded for my usual taste, but it is still fascinating to see family with kids, teenagers and groups of friends enjoying the late October sun in the streets, all together. It is the expression of human nature, I think. The sharing of space and experiences together in a joyful spirit. It looks so easy to get along. And maybe it really is, what do you think?

At lunch time I stopped to eat in a bar that looked nice, and I had great sandwiches, amazing view to sketch the cathedral and free beer for the artist. I love when people appreciate what I do!

This pause gave me the opportunity to relax under the sun that came out and made me enjoy myself 100%. It looks like a great start to the next part of the trip.

Painting of San Doná di Piave Fair Day

Painting Title: “San Doná di Piave Fair Day”

This is a painting from the Italia Grand Sketching Tour Collection, a series of original ink and watercolor paintings done on location during my tour to discovery the  marvelous Italian heritage. All paintings are also available as numbered and originally signed prints.

The painting is also featured in the book about my motorbike Italian tour. By acquiring this work you will get to know better Italy also thanks to a personalized story about this place that I will include in the package.

Painting information:

  • Watercolor and ink on white paper
  • Size 19 x 28.5 cm (7.5 x 11.2 inches)
  • Shipped in a box
  • Certificate of authenticity will be sent with the painting

Prints information:

  • Printed on white paper 300 gr, numbered 1 to 50 and signed
  • Size 19 x 28.5 cm (7.5 x 11.2 inches)
  • Shipped in a box
  • Certificate of authenticity will be sent with the print
San Doná di Piave Fair Day

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It is available for sale, original and numbered prints. Please let me know which subject you are interested in.

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