The Enchanted Castle in Sciacca

The castle without walls of Filippo Bentivegna

A visit to the Enchanted Castle and its thousands heads during the #italiagrandsketchingtour.

What a view! The garden climbs on the mountain creating a labyrinth of heads, sculptured by Filippo Bentivegna in over 50 years of what many calls craziness. But what is passion if not being crazy about a vision and working for bringing it into the world?

I believe that passion is what moves the world and brings beauty to it. And this is a perfect example. Filippo Bentivegna, born from a poor fisherman family, emigrated to the States as a teenager. His life there was hard but still allowed him to save enough so that when he came back he bought this terrain where he lived for fifty years following his passion. 

Now we are able to experience this surreal and magical open-air museum, located a few kilometers from the center of Sciacca. A walk between primitive carved faces and heads in stones, a walk in our past as humans and in our soul, to touch the deepest of our desires. Or just a fun and different experience for children and adults. Definitely a must go place that I am very happy to having gone to!

Painting Enchanted Castle

Title of the painting ‘The Enchanted Castle in Sciacca’

This is a painting from the Italia Grand Sketching Tour Collection, a series of original ink and watercolor paintings done on location during my tour to discovery the  marvelous Italian heritage. All paintings are also available as numbered and originally signed prints.

The painting is also featured in the book about my motorbike Italian tour. By acquiring this work you will get to know better Italy also thanks to a personalized story about this place that I will include in the package.

Painting information:

Watercolor and ink on white paper

Size 19 x 28.5 cm (7.5 x 11.2 inches)

Shipped in a box

Certificate of authenticity will be sent with the painting

Prints information:

Printed on white watercolor paper, numbered 1 to 50 and signed

Size 21 x 29.7 cm (8.3 x 11.7 inches)

Shipped in a box

Certificate of authenticity will be sent with the print

Enchanted Castle in Sciacca

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It is available for sale, original and numbered prints. Please let me know which subject you are interested in.

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