About Me

Creativity and Love

I’m Chiara and in the last years I’ve been working to build a life at my own conditions, to transform my dreams into projects and then into reality.

I want to share my dreams with you and I hope to insipire you to go searching for your dreams and make them real, because we live in a world that, like never before, enable us to make those dreams come true.

I hope to show people that it is possible to follow the heart, by following my heart through my art.


Greatness happens after you jump in the unknown and you spread your wings.
– Kamil Ravikant –

My dream, My project, My plan

I moved my first artistic steps in the world of Urban Sketching and I love the idea of drawing the world one drawing at a time and the idea of telling stories through this works.

I moved forward in my artistic journey with a Maestro that thought me what I believe is the true nature of art: it is the instrument that can help us bring forward humanity, by showing possible solutions and by bringing beauty and peacefulness in the world.

This doesn’t mean painting idilliac places, what I want to express with my art is the idea that beauty is everywhere and that if we look deeply we have so much to be grateful for.

I dream a world in which people are not afraid to draw, that everyone knows that it is possible to use this form of communication.

Believe that the PAST can teach us, have great plans for the FUTURE but always live in the PRESENT.

I believe that building a life at our conditions passes throught defining our values, mine are:
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